I Would Gladly Tase You Monday

For the second game in a row a fan ran onto the field at Citizen Bank Park in Philadelphia. But unlike Monday night the fan who ran onto the field Tuesday night was not tased.

For those who missed the news yesterday, a 17 year old fan ran out onto the field during the Phillies game against the Cardinals on Monday and, after a brief chase around the outfield, was tased by a police officer before being escorted off the field under his own power. The teen actually called his father before running out on the field and asked him what he thought about the idea of running on the field. The father has been quoted as saying he told his son it wasn’t a good idea. I don’t think the father had any clue how bad and idea it was at the time.

There’s been a lot of discussion since this event took place about the use of tasers in such situations. Some call it extreme and it may be. But fans are not entitled to be on the field just because they bought a ticket. The other fans in the stadium, as well as those watching on TV, ARE entitled to watch a game without any bonehead interruptions. And the players are entitled to play the game without worrying about anyone coming on the field and interrupting the game and, perhaps, even threatening their safety.

The bottom line is that if you’re a fan and you step onto that field you are accepting whatever risk comes with it. That includes the risk of being tased. Think of the the next time you keep thousands of people waiting to watch the game because you choose to do something stupid.

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