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Neyer on ARod

Though this blog post by Rob Neyer (from his Sweet Spot blog) is about the Yankees I always find something wonderful in Neyer’s work. In this case it’s mainly in the title of the post (“Sometimes six home runs are just a cigar”).

Thoughts on Murphy in the Minors

An interesting move occurred yesterday when Daniel Murphy was activated from the DL but optioned to AAA Buffalo. This opens up a few thoughts. First, it’s obvious that Ike Davis has made his mark. In his 32 games he’s batted .290 with 4 home runs and 12 RBIs. That translates to 20 HRs and 61 […]

Maine on the DL

John Maine was placed on the DL today with rotator cuff tendinitis.. So much for not having an injury. I’m surprised it took the team this long to take a serious look at him. The guy’s a gamer and wants to play so you can’t rely on him to tell you when he’s hurt. That’s […]

Reason For Optimism, Thinking Of Doom

Winning 2 games out of 3 against the Yankees could be a big deal for the Mets. A series win against the world champions is certainly a shot in the arm going into a series against the runner up and NL East division rival Philadelphia Phillies. If nothing else it has bought Jerry Manuel at […]

Mets Not Necessarily Done

Some local reporters are looking at this weekend’s subway series and calling it the Mets last chance to get things going this season. If they can’t play well and get a couple of wins this weekend the Mets season is over. I have trouble buying that notion. Do things look bleak right now? Yes. Do […]

I Would Gladly Tase You Monday

For the second game in a row a fan ran onto the field at Citizen Bank Park in Philadelphia. But unlike Monday night the fan who ran onto the field Tuesday night was not tased. For those who missed the news yesterday, a 17 year old fan ran out onto the field during the Phillies […]