Davis Needs Fans Support

The Mets have pulled the trigger on the Ike Davis call up. He’s been pulled from the Buffalo Bison’s lineup this afternoon and will instead be traveling to CitiField where he will be on the roster for tonight’s game.

Now comes the hard part. We all know Davis can play. He’s proven it at the minor league level. But despite the clamoring fans most baseball people thought he should remain at AAA this year to gain some more experience before being called up. The fact is that we don’t know how well he’ll perform. For all we know he’ll fall flat on his face. And then what? Do fans boo him all the way back to Buffalo?

What is important for Davis’s development is acceptance. Sure he’ll have the acceptance of fans tonight. But what if he starts his major league career going 0 for hist first 15 at bats? I’ve been to enough games in New York venues over the years to know that anyone, from the most experienced and accomplished player on down, will get booed when they’re in a slump.

As fans we have a responsibility to help Davis in his development and not hamper it. If the kid doesn’t perform well it’s our responsibility to encourage him and not deflate him. I’m not asking fans to be happy with mediocrity (if that’s what he ends up bringing on this trip). But to be patient as a young kid takes his first major league steps. If he develops properly he could be a great compliment to David Wright and Jose Reyes in the infield for many years to come. But fans need to be patient if it takes longer than they expect.

The fans are the ones who have been screaming for him. Now to accept what comes with it.

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