NFL Almost Right In Overtime Rules Changes

The NFL is talking about changing overtime rules to, among other things, allow each team to have at least one possession before sudden death. I applaud these changes. The idea that a team played well enough to take the game into OT but isn’t allowed the chance to win is outmoded and puts too much weight on the coin flip that determines which team gets the ball first in the extra quarter.

However, I have to question the idea of waiting for the playoffs to implement the new rules. Why not use the rules in the regular season as well? Isn’t the idea to give teams a fair shot at winning the game? If so then why do only playoff teams warrant such a courtesy?

The NFL is headed in the right direction with these rule changes. But the devil is in the details. I hope they don’t blow an opportunity to make the game more competitive by waiting for the playoffs to implement these new rules.

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