My Thoughts On Bay Signing

Upon hearing the news that the Mets signed Jason Bay yesterday a friend of mine, who coincidentally is a Phillie fan, asked me via Facebook what my thoughts of Bay as a Met are. My response was as follows:

I think the fourth year wasn’t necessary. He’s a good player and definitely adds some pop to the lineup. The Mets have finally addressed a position (LF) that’s been an issue for years (since Moises Alou declined rapidly about 4 years ago). But I heard a rumor that Francoeur’s wrist is worse than they thought it was since the season ended so Bay’… See Mores help may be balanced by the loss of Frenchy.

The biggest problem is that they have no rotation behind Santana. They have a #1 and the rest are at best #4s or less. Bay can (and hopefully will) help score more runs but they need pitching to keep their opponents from scoring more. Right now I don’t see how they’re going to accomplish that.

This was, of course, an off the cuff analysis. let me explain.

I don’t think any player should get more than 3 years with the possible exception of the greatest players in the game. Johan Santana and Alex Rodriguez are two of the few players that fit into that category.

Though I’m not a great Bay fan and would have hoped for someone better the fact is that of the players available he’s in the top 2 (along with Matt Holliday) and left field is a spot that needs to have been filled three years ago. So in that sense this is a very good signing.

My comment about Jeff Francoeur‘s thumb is not based on reliable information. It was just something I saw on Twitter. It probably doesn’t mean anything but with the could hanging over the Mets medical team it bears keeping in mind. But if Frenchy is healthy the team finally has a solid outfield.

The rest of my comment is self explanatory. The rotation is a big question mark behind Santana. There were pitchers available over the last couple of years that would have filled in the rotation nicely but Omar Minaya passed over them for some reason. Hopefully a couple of decent starters become available and find their way onto the roster because what they have now will not win any championships.

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