Be Patient, A Big Move Will Come

It’s been a long offseason for Mets fans as the team has not yet made a major move. If my Twitter feed is any indication it looks like Mets fans are getting increasingly antsy as they wait for Omar Minaya to pull the trigger on a big deal. It’s times like these that I feel the need to remind people of recent history so they can put things in perspective.

Let’s look at the last several offseasons under Omar Minaya’s watch. In 2005 Minaya made a splash and automatically made the Mets a competing team with the signings of Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran. In 2006 he made them contenders by acquiring Carlos Delgado. 2007 season saw the acquisition of Moises Alou, a player not on the same level as the rest in this list but looked at as a big pick up at the time. The trend continued in 2008 with the Johan Santana trade and 2009 with the signing of Francisco Rodriguez.

Each year that Omar Minaya has been the Mets general manager he has made a big acquisition in the offseason and what do we have to show for it? That’s right. Nothing. The big acquisition is good for some splash. It gets your name in the headlines for a couple of days but it’s no guarantee to add wins to your record.

However, given this rack record you can be assured that Minaya will make at least one big move. Just be patient. It’s coming.

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