Mets Sign Forever A Phillie Coste

Yesterday the Mets signed former Phillies and Astros catcher Chris Coste. The signing gives the Mets a veteran catcher to help out while Omir Santos and Josh Thole continue to develop.

As always I want the players the Mets sign to excel (with the possible exception of the second time they signed Bobby Bonilla). It doesn’t matter to me where the player came from or where he’s going. While in a Mets uniform I’ll be rooting for him. When I heard the Mets signed Coste I immediately applied the same philosophy to this signing.

But then Coste went ahead and said the following while taking with a Philadelphia reporter after he signed with the Mets:

I will always be a Phillie

I understand what he’s saying. He’s saying that he will always be thankful for the opportunity the Phillies gave him. How they gave him a change to succeed after bouncing around the minors for so long. How their faith in him will always keep the organization close to his heart.

I get it. But most New York fans won’t. The fans and media in New York are terribly tough. A statement like this will not help Coste ingratiate himself to them. If they remember this statement next season they will give him hell for it.

I honestly hope they don’t remember so that Coste can just get on with playing and not have to worry about outside pressures. I can forgive him for the statement. Can you?

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