My Take on the Nightmare World Series

When the Yankees beat the Angels last night it set up a World Series that is a nightmare for most Mets fans: a Yankees/Phillies World Series. And it also begs the question of which team Mets fans will be rooting for. My answer? The Yankees.

Being a Mets fan and a fan of the National League type of game my usual allegiance in the World Series goes to the National League team unless (a) that team is either in the Mets division or another bitter rival or (b) the Yankees are in the series. That goes double for this year when the NL team is both in the Mets division AND a bitter rival.

From what I’ve read around the web on various blogs the main reason why those Mets fans who are rooting for the Phillies are rooting for them is because they don’t want to deal with the Yankees fans holding yet another World Championship over their heads. They don’t want a parade in their city for another team. To me that’s the wrong reason to choose who you’re rooting for.

I’ve never been one of those people who thinks that just because you’re a fan of one team in a multi-team market you can’t root for the other team. This may make me an atypical New York fan but I never saw what either team had to gain or lose by the outcome of the other team’s games unless they were playing each other or another team in the other teams division. Maybe that’s why Yankee fans don’t bother me much when they gloat. When they do I usually explain this philosophy and the gloating turns into a more productive discussion of the games themselves or other related subjects.

Though I am rooting for the Yankees I actually feel that the best take for a Mets fan on this series is what Matthew Cerrone wrote on MetsBlog this morning. In a post on this subject Cerrone wrote “it’s not that I am rooting for the Yankees, it’s that I’m rooting for the Phillies to fail”. The attitude here is not so much to root for the Yankees but to root against the Phillies. To me that makes a boatload of sense for the beleaguered Mets fan.

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