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Mets Preparing For Big Changes?

Lost in all the hoopla of game 1 of the World series was some news out of Mets camp. These are only rumors at this point but are expected to be announced as fact right after the series. The juicier story was reported by Jon Heyman of Heyman reports that the Mets have talked […]

The Post Welcomes The Frillies

I don’t normally like this kind of gamesmanship or journalism but the New York Post sported a front page today where they referred to the the Phillies as the Frillies and a Photoshoped picture of Shane Victorino in a skirt. A treat for any Mets fan (always) and any Yankees fan (this week).

My Take on the Nightmare World Series

When the Yankees beat the Angels last night it set up a World Series that is a nightmare for most Mets fans: a Yankees/Phillies World Series. And it also begs the question of which team Mets fans will be rooting for. My answer? The Yankees. Being a Mets fan and a fan of the National […]

Mets May Be Sued Over Madoff Profit

Remember last winter when Jeff Wilpon said that Sterling Equities’ accounts with Bernie Madoff wouldn’t affect team operations? Remember how we all scoffed at the remark? Turns out Jeff was right! According to a report on Bloomberg Sterling Equities actually made money from Madoff. Apparently the Mets widthdrew $570.5 million from their Madoff account after […]

Phillips Front Page News Again And I Don’t Care

On a morning where the big story of the day should be the Yankees coming within one win of yet another World Series appearance the New York Post decided to run a front page story on former Mets general manager Steve Phillips. Phillips, apparently, had an affair with an intern that didn’t go quite as […]

Our Long Nightmare is Over: Takahashi Released

The Mets made a bold move in their offseason shakeup of the team after a disastrous 2009 season by releasing Ken Takahashi. The 40 year old Japanese lefty had just completed his rookie season. He pitched 27.1 innings allowing 23 hits, while striking out 23 and allowing 14 walks. His ERA was 2.96. Clearly this […]

About Yankees Fans

I got into a mild argument the other day with a relative who is a football Giants fan. The argument was centered a round a comment he made when I mentioned how upset I was on Sunday night when the Jets-Bills game went on so long that my DVR stopped recording before the game was […]

Thoughts About the Coaching Staff

Coaching is a part of the game that is hard for a fan to really understand than one may think. Pitching, hitting and third base coaches are a bit more visible than others since you can usually see the fruits of their labor in the teams stats. But unless you watch a team more closely […]

Reyes To Have Surgery; Minaya To Blame?

The sad state of the Mets play as well as their injury list lead me to go dormant for a while but I saw a story this morning that infuriated me so that I needed to come out of hiding and discuss. It appears that Jose Reyes, who’s been on the DL since May, will […]