Gary Sheffield: To DL or Not To DL?

Gary Sheffield is out for tonight’s lineup. This will be the third game in a row. Though manager Jerry Manuel says he’s trying to keep Sheffield fresh it seems obvious that his knee is bothering him. The questions remains is it worth it to keep him on the roster in the hopes he’ll get better soon or should he go on the DL?

I’m rally tossed up about this one. I usually think Omar Minaya waits too long before putting players on the DL, hampering his manager’s ability to guide the team to a win. But in this case the team already has 9 players on the DL and not a lot of help in the minors to bring up in Sheffield’s place, especially wit the recent release of Bobby Kielty and Wily Mo Pena from minor league contracts. The only option I can think of is Emil Brown. If Brown is the only option then what have they got to lose by waiting and seeing if a few days off does Sheffield some good?

What do you think? Should the Mets put Sheffield on the DL? Answer the poll in the sidebar to the right.

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