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Bruney’s Comment Out Of Line

“He’s got a tired act. I think that’s bad, but two years ago, when he lost the game… I don’t know if anybody saw it, I did. He was in Oakland and he was pitching for Anaheim, didn’t get a call, and so he was like complaining…The catcher threw it back and he just kind of did one of these, and hit off his glove and bounced behind and the guy from third scored and they won the game. He gets what he deserves, man. I just don’t like watching the guy pitch. I think it’s embarrassing.”
—Yankees reliever Brian Bruney, on his disgust with the antics of Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez.

I don’t mind when players questions other players behavior. If I do it myself then why can’t they? What bothers me is when a player that is just a marginal reliever who would be forgotten quite quickly if he never played again questions one of the top relievers in the game today.

Bruney is in his second DL stint this season and has only played in 10 games (9 IP). He’s got a 4.28 ERA and 13 save, 8 blown saves and 33 holds since debuting in 2004. In the same span Rodriguez has 222 saves, 30 blown saves and 27 holds. Even if you’re like me and you believe that the hold is the save of the middle reliever you still can’t say that Bruney has come anywhere close to the accomplishments of Rodriguez. He’s just a frustrated middle reliever who’s bitter because he’s never been able to hold down the closers position for his teams.

I’m not saying that Bruney can’t be a valuable player. But he has never been and never will be a marquee player.

Bruney can say whatever he wants to say about Rodriguez or any other player. That’s his right under the first amendment. As fans we have to take it from where it’s coming from. A nobody making bitter comments about a somebody.

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