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A Really Bad Day And Night For The Mets

One of the things I hate about the Mets playing on the west coast is that the games start too late for me to watch any appreciable amount of the game. From what I’ve read about last night’s game there wasn’t very much for Mets fans to appreciate. Let me count the ways: The Mets […]

My Take on Last Night’s ESPN Coverage

I enter any game I watch on television with a clear mind regarding the personalities who are calling the game for the network the game is on. This even goes for games that are broadcast on ESPN despite the almost universal negative reaction fans have to the announcing team of John Miller, Joe Morgan and […]

Andy Sonnanstine At The Bat

An interesting thing happened at yesterdays Tampa Bay Rays game against the Cleveland Indians. A lineup card error resulted in both Ben Zobrist and Evan Longoria being listed as third basemen. When the team took the field in the top of the first inning Zobrist was at third. Longoria was meant to be the DH. […]

About Stolen Bases, Reyes, Leadership

A couple of years ago I read Dayn Perry’s Winners: How Good Baseball Teams Become Great Ones (And It’s Not the Way You Think) (Kindle version here). It’s an excellent book that breaks down different areas of statistical performance and tries to correlate which ones winning teams excel at. One of the things Perry discusses […]

CitiField Streaker Could Get Year In Jail

The CitiField streaker is finding that streaking is not as harmless as he expected. I guess he and his lawyer, who he claims to have consulted before his not so random act of stupidity, didn’t realize what the penalties were for such an act. The first penalty is a lifetime ban from CitiField. That’s tight, […]

This Weekends Starters Vs. San Francisco

Thursday – John Maine (3-2, 4.54) vs. Jonathan Sanchez (1-3, 4.78), 10:15 p.m., SNY. Friday – Livan Hernandez (3-1, 5.08) vs. Tim Lincecum (3-1, 3.25), 10:15 p.m., SNY. Saturday – Johan Santana (4-2, 0.78) vs. Randy Johnson (3-3, 5.89), 4:10 p.m., FOX. Sunday – Mike Pelfrey (4-0, 4.89) vs. Matt Cain (3-1, 2.61), 8 p.m., […]

Mets Score Behind Sub Par Niese

I don’t normally post during games but the Mets have scored 6 runs in 4 innings behind Jonathon Niese including a grand slam home run by Fernando Tatis. This show of run support prompted Johan Santana to say angrily “We’ve scored 6 runs for who?”

Lineup Vs. Atlanta 5/13/2009

# Name Position 7 Jose Reyes SS 1 Luis Castillo 2B 15 Carlos Beltran CF 10 Gary Sheffield RF 5 David Wright 3B 17 Fernando Tatis 1B 11 Ramon Castro C 19 Ryan Church RF 49 Jonathon Niese P    

Evans Is St. Lucie Bound

Yesterday I wrote about the rumors that Nick Evans would be demoted after a horrific start at AAA Buffalo. Late yesterday the shoe dropped as Evans was sent to the Mets minor league complex in St. Lucie for a few days of extended spring training before heading to AA Binghamton. Good luck, Nick. Hope to […]

First CitiField Streaker

During last night’s game fans got to see the first streaker take the field at CitiField. Andrew Vazzano of The ‘Ropolitans posted his own video of the event. Here’s another video of the streaker shot by a friend of the streaker: I don’t support this kind of behavior as it disturbs the flow of the […]