Goodbye Castro

The Mets pulled a minor trade on Friday night to accommodate Brian Schneider‘s return from the DL. They traded Ramon Castro to the Chicago White Sox for RHP Lance Broadway. The move means the catching tandem for the time being is Schneider and rookie Omir Santos.

In a recent MostlyMets poll 50% of respondents voted to get rid of Schneider and keep Castro and Santos. The Mets obviously thought otherwise. My opinion was different than the 50% and the Mets.

I would have liked to have kept Schneider and Castro for now and sent Santos back to the minors. I like Santos as much as most other Mets fans but would like to have sent him back down so he could play every day and continue to learn. He could have been brought up again in case of injury or as part of the late season roster expansion. Then the Mets could have chosen between Schneider and Castro to clear a spot for him on next year’s team.

I suppose this solution is just as well. They still have Robinson Cancel at Buffalo in case of emergency.

The real key is going to be Broadway. Will he be able to help Buffalo? Will he be of any help to the Mets down the stretch run?

I guess it doesn’t really matter. This is a trade of a backup for some small time bullpen help that enables the team to give a younger and, perhaps, more exciting player a chance to play at the major league level. And that’s about it.

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