Reyes, Church DLed; FMart Promoted

Jose Reyes was finally put on the disabled list yesterday, five days after I said he should be. It’s the right move but I still wonder why general manager Omar Minaya waited and kept manager Jerry Manuel shorthanded for those five extra days. Especially in light of Ryan Church‘s hamstring strain which kept him out of action the last few days. Church ran with Reyes yesterday and was also put on the disabled list after those watching them decided that neither was healthy enough to stay on the roster.

Putting the two players on the DL allowed Minaya to put two healthy players on the roster so the team can play with an almost full compliment of healthy players. I say almost since Carlos Beltran is out for a few days to allow a bone bruise on his right leg a little time to heel. He will be re-evaluated on Friday.

One of the new healthy faces is top outfield prospect Fernando Martinez. Mets fans have been clamoring for a chance to see him up on the major league level since Carlos Delgado went on the DL but the move didn’t make sense until now. Martinez was in the lineup last night as he will probably be for most games while Church is on the DL. I’d expect this to be a cup of coffee for the young outfielder. A couple of weeks to show what he can do and give him a taste of the major league game. But he’ll probably be sent back down to AAA when Church is ready to return unless he is playing great baseball.

Church is actually a bit of an unknown. I mean we know he’s hurt and on the DL and eligible to come back June 7. But he was in Manuel’s doghouse even before the injury. He in Manuel’s doghouse even before missing third base in Los Angeles. I don’t know what he did to get there but being there clouds his status a bit as the Mets may delay his return. When he’s eligible to come off the disabled list the team could keep him on a while longer to give Martinez more time. They could send him for a minor league rehab assignment to further prolong Martinez’s stay. Regardless of what they do with him it’s clear to me that unless something major happens this is the beginning of the end for Church as a Met and I feel bad about that after they risked his long term health by totally mishandled his concussions last season.

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