Poll: Should Murphy Play Every Day?

Daniel Murphy misplayed another 2 balls in left field last night and I’m beginning to wonder whether the Mets are doing the right thing by sticking with him every day in left field. Based on this post at The Mets Report I’m not alone.

I don’t blame Murphy for the way he’s playing the position. After all he’s learning at the major league level and working very hard at it. But is the value of his bat greater than the liability of his inept play in the field?

The way I see it the Mets have four options with Murphy:

  1. Continue to stay the course and let him play in left every day despite the fact that he shows almost daily that he doesn’t belong there.
  2. Platoon him with Fernando Tatis and/or Gary Sheffield. This minimizes the damage Murphy can do in the field while keeping his bat in the lineup regularly.
  3. Bench him until he proves he can play the position.
  4. Send him to the minors to learn how to play the position better while not costing the team games.

What do you think? Answer the poll below.
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