Is It Time For Castillo To Move Back To The Two Slot?

One of the questions being asked about the Mets right now is whether manager Jerry Manuel should move second baseman Luis Castillo back to the number two hole in the order. While Daniel Murphy has batted well in that position of the order (.320 AVG, .795 OPS) there is speculation of if he should be playing left field every day for the team. The fact that Castillo is hitting .400 with a .942 OPS adds to the argument that the team may be better off sending Murphy to Buffalo to learn his position better and moving Castillo to the 2 hole.

The question is why is Castillo hitting so well right now? Does his slot in the order have something to do with it? He’s certainly not getting any better pitches with the pitcher following him than he would with David Wright behind him. But maybe batting in the relative low pressure position of 8th in the order is why he’s doing so well right now. If batting 8th was supposed to get his mojo working then maybe it’s still too early in the to move him down to number 2. Maybe the move would kill his momentum because he’d be pitched to differently with Jose Reyes on base than he would be pitched to with the catcher on base.

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