The Curious Case of Johan Santana

I unfortunately have not had the opportunity to blog since last Thursday but if I could have I would have written about Johan Santana. When it was announced that he wouldn’t make his start on Friday I began to worry that something may be wrong.

The earlier announcement that Santana would be skipping the WBC was a little awkward (there was far too much reluctance in the announcement to sound genuine) but would not be cause for concern unless followed up by something else. The something else in this case was the scratch from Friday’s start.

Now, over the weekend, there’s been talk of an MRI and missing opening day. General manager Omar Minaya was not very committal regarding the necessity of the MRI. Based on what I heard on the radio this morning he seemed to waffle between the necessity of the MRI and the snow in New York as far as the reason why Santana was still in St. Lucie instead of flying to New York to meet with team doctors. That’s the third sign. Usually all it takes is three signs to point to impending danger.

Is there cause for alarm? Not yet. But there certainly is cause for concern. If Satana goes down so do the Mets. And pitchers like Livan Hernandez, Elmer Dessens and Ron Villone, who signed on Friday, are not going to save the day. Should the Mets be thinking about a guy like Curt Schilling?

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