Verducci Inspired By Delgado, Me Too

I was watching my Twitter feed this morning and was struck by a message by bigleaguestew (from the blog Big League Stew) who quoted a recent article by Tom Verducci at The quote was as follows:

I would rather be fooled again by a rogue player in sheep’s clothing than indict them all and forfeit optimism.

The quote struck me because it is what I have been feeling lately. We have spent the last several years talking about ‘roided players. Who does it and who doesn’t? Should there me an asterisk (as I have said in the past there should be)? Should their awards be revoked and given to the player who finished second? Should they be booted from the game? Should they be eligible for the hall of fame?

Verducci’s article, though, discusses whether or not there should be an asterisk on the entire era and puts the whole question into perspective through the eyes of his prime example of a player who was victimized by the steroids era, current Mets first baseman Carlos Delgado. Delgado has a very healthy outlook on the steroids era, his choice to stay clean and the impact it may have had on his career and hall of fame chances. We can learn a lot about life from Delgado’s approach here.

Thank you, Tom Verducci, for being able to write a sentence that evokes such hope in humanity and explains my recent feelings better than I could myself. And thank you, Carlos Delgado, for being able to put things in perspective and teaching us fans that what really is important is our own decisions and not those of others even if the others cheat.

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