Beltran: We’ll Kill Hamels

Carlos Beltran had some very strong words for Cole Hamels yesterday. When asked about Hamels calling the Mets choke artists this winter beltran said “The only thing that I know is he will be watched every time he faces us. Hopefully we kill him, and then he’ll have to deal with the situation.”

I always worry when words like that are spoken. Especially when a hitter is talking about a pitcher. Every time Beltran comes up to bat against Hamels will be that much more interesting and suspenseful but also that much more scary. You never know when Hamels may just throw at Beltran.

Regardless, it’s still good to see that Beltran’s confidence is still up entering his 5th season in a Mets uniform. The closest he got to a championship was the 2006 season. Hopefully that will change. Beltran certainly seems to think so as he expressed disappointment hat Francisco Rodriguez beat him to the punch at calling the Mets the team to beat this year.

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