Favre To Retire

Brett Favre has informed the Jets that he will retire. I was not incredibly impressed with Favre in his one season with the team. I wasn’t surprised by how many interceptions he threw (you expect him to throw a bunch of interceptions) but was very surprised at how many of them were on bad passes. Passes that were into coverage that was too tight. Passes to places where he had no receivers, just defenders.

When the Jets acquired Favre in the preseason I said that it was a good acquisition because if it doesn’t accomplish anything else it at least accomplishes a change at quarterback from Chad Pennington. I liked (and continue to like) Pennington but it was clearly time to move on from him and see what the future held. With the late season collapse and today’s news of Favre’s retirement it seems like what I was calling the least accomplishment is the only real accomplishment.

I’m curious what this does for Brian Schottenheimer’s status with the team. After this year’s choke Schottenheimer managed to keep his job as offensive coordinator despite a change at head coach. This appeared to be done specifically for Farve with the idea that he would be more likely to return if the offense stayed the same. I’m curious about if the Jets knew he would retire anyway if they would have brought Schottenheimer back.

It’s academic now. The Jets are a team with no proven starting quarterback and have their work cut out for them in the off season.

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