3 Mets File for Free Agency

Damion Easley, Oliver Perez and Matt Wise are among the 64 players who have already filed for free agency.

Easley, while important the last couple of years because of Luis Castillo‘s balky knees and other second base issues, will probably not be resigned. It’s been widely believed that the Mets will try to acquire a young second baseman in the offseason making Easley expendable.

Wise is no great loss considering he only pitched 8 games in the 2008 season.

Perez will be a big winner in free agency. He had a very good year in which he pitched well in several big games. Add that to the commodity of being a lefty and he has all the ingredients of a player who will be signed for more money than his career numbers prove he’s worth. Outside of Castillo, general manager Omar Minaya has made a habit of avoiding signing players like that.

So it looks to me like all three of these guys will be gone by the time spring training starts.

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