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3 Mets File for Free Agency

Damion Easley, Oliver Perez and Matt Wise are among the 64 players who have already filed for free agency. Easley, while important the last couple of years because of Luis Castillo‘s balky knees and other second base issues, will probably not be resigned. It’s been widely believed that the Mets will try to acquire a […]

Tatis Signed

The Mets signed Fernando Tatis for one year at $1.7 million. A good move to lock up a good bench bat.

Delgado’s Option Picked Up

The Mets took the first step toward preparing for the 2009 season by picking up the option on Carlos Delgado‘s contract. What remains to be seen is which Carlos Delgado will show up. The one who stunk through the 2007 season and through may of the 2008 season? Or the one who put up MVP […]

Congratulations to the World Champion Phillies

Withe the Philadelphia win last night the Mets task for next season has been fully defined: beat the world champs.

Softball Removed From Maine’s Shoulder

John Maine has had surgery to remove the bone spur in his right shoulder. According to Maine the doctors said they had never seen one as big as the one they removed from his shoulder. It was supposedly the size of a softball. Maine is expected to be ready for spring training. For an explanation […]

HHR: Choking Hazard

In the absence of any real news I must post this link to an amusing post at Hugging Harold Reynolds. Hat tip to Hugging Harold Reynolds.


It’s been mostly quiet in Metsville since the team finalized the contracts on general manager Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel. Manuel has said that he hopes to have his coaching staff finalized by early next week. So with so nothing to write about I’ve spent a little time doing some updates to the blog. […]

Manuel Back?

It looks like Jerry Manuel will be returning as manager of the Mets next season and beyond. I read on one of the other blogs this morning (I forget which one) that the sticking point in the negotiations was the length of the contract with the Mets reportedly offering 2 years and Manuel asking for […]

Delcos: When Is It Enough Regarding Burgos

I was going to write a post about Ambiorix Burgos today following the investigation in his involvement in a hit and run accident that left 2 women dead. (Police say Burgos was driving the SUV that hit the women.) John Delcos beat me to it on his NY Mets Report blog with a post he […]

Minaya’s Extension Finalized

As expected, the Mets announced a contract extension for general manager Omar Minaya. The deal goes through 2012 and has club options for 2013 and 2014. Minaya said that he’s in negotiations to bring Jerry Manuel back to manage the club. He also said that he expects to pick up Carlos Delgado‘s option for next […]