Still Kicking

The Mets managed to win last night and remain in the playoff hunt for the final weekend of the season. One thing is for certain – the NL East cannot be clinched tonight so the Mets are still in it until at least tomorrow. (The Phillies magic number is currently 3 so it will take at least 3 games played by the Phillies and Mets combined before the division is decided and more than that if the Phillies somehow have trouble beating the Nationals.)

The wild card may not be decided until after the weekend. The Mets are currently tied with Milwaukee for the wild card lead with 3 games remaining. I’d give the Mets the advantage in this race as they play the Marlins this weekend and the Brewers play their division rival Cubs. But there is a distinct possibility this could come down to a play-in game on Monday. And with bad weather predicted for the north east this weekend the play-in game may not be played until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Hang on to your seats. It’s going to be a wild weekend.


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