Minaya Extended?

Rumor has it that the Mets will give general manager Omar Minaya a four year contract extension. I’m tossed up about this move. On the one hand the Mets are a much better team than they were when Minaya took over. But, though you can’t directly blame him for last years collapse or this years mediocre play down the stretch, you can blame him for putting together a bullpen that simulates a sieve. I liked the 2006 bullpen. I understand that players must change but it seemed like a pretty good bullpen was ripped apart with wholesale changes that made it a pretty bad bullpen in 2007. Then he failed to make any significant improvements to that bullpen to make it any better in 2008. In fact, it’s even worse now.

Overall I think he’s done a job worthy of a contract extension. But four years may be too long. I mean you’re talking about the guy who signed Luis Castillo despite the fact that he was about to have dangerous knee surgery last offseason. Minaya should be rewarded for making the Mets a contender but that reward should be tempered by his failures.

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