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What a Shea-me

For the second straight year the Mets were eliminated on the last day of the season. It was a really sad way to say goodbye to Shea Stadium. Though you can’t say this years end was worse than last year’s it doesn’t make it any easier. The same things killed them yesterday that killed them […]

Santana Comes Up Aces

The Mets stunk up Shea Stadium on Friday night and in the process essentially surrendered the division to the Phillies who ended up clinching the NL East yesterday. Then an amazing thing happened. With the season on the line Johan Santana, three days removed from a 125 pitch performance, approached manager Jerry Manuel and said […]

Shpigel: Tiebreakers Explained

Ben Shpigel of the New York Times has an excellent summary of the National League playoff tie breakers. Shpigel breaks down the four scenarios and tells us what happens when any of them comes to pass. Considering the weather reports I’m assuming he’s using the days Monday and Tuesday loosely.

Still Kicking

The Mets managed to win last night and remain in the playoff hunt for the final weekend of the season. One thing is for certain – the NL East cannot be clinched tonight so the Mets are still in it until at least tomorrow. (The Phillies magic number is currently 3 so it will take […]

It’s A 9 Inning Game

The Mets thought they had the game won when Carlos Delgado hit a grand slam in the third inning. Apparently they hadn’t gotten the memo that the game is 9 innings long. Oliver Perez allowed 4 runs in the 5th inning to allow the Cubs back into the game that was eventually lost 9-6 in […]

Minaya Extended?

Rumor has it that the Mets will give general manager Omar Minaya a four year contract extension. I’m tossed up about this move. On the one hand the Mets are a much better team than they were when Minaya took over. But, though you can’t directly blame him for last years collapse or this years […]

Santana + 8 + 10 + 125 = Win

This was the equation the Mets had in mind when they acquired Johan Santana in the offseason. On the brink of the playoffs where every game is a must win the team needed a starter to give them strong innings. Santana provided 8 strong innings (striking out 10) last night while throwing a career high […]

Is There Wild Card Hope?

There’s no good news from last night’s game. The Mets lost 9-5 and appear to be on the brink of blowing a playoff appearance for the second consecutive year. With the loss they are now 2.5 games out of first place in the NL East and cling to a 1 game lead in the wild […]

Mets Relocate AAA to Buffalo

After months of rumors and speculation the Mets have signed the Buffalo Bisons to a two year deal to be their AAA affiliate. The teams are rejoining 42 years after the Mets cut ties with Buffalo as their first ever AAA team. The Mets cut ties with the New Orleans Zephyrs, their last AAA affiliate, […]

Not Looking Good

The Mets dropped 2 out of 3 against Atlanta and are now a 1.5 games behind Philadelphia for the NL East lead. Luckily for their playoff chances the Brewers are still free falling giving the Mets a 1.5 game lead in the wild card race. They have a tough four game series coming up against […]