Kernan’s Odd Comment

I wrote a post last August regarding a column that Kevin Kernan had written in the New York Post on Sunday August 26. At the time the Mets had a 6 game lead on the Phillies with 34 games left to play. The Mets were playing good baseball and had what appeared to be a commanding lead. But I warned that with a magic number of 28 it was just too early to call the race won. Especially since the Mets were about to open a 4 game series in Philadelphia that could redefine the race. The Phillies ended up sweeping all 4 games of that series and the collapse was on.

This morning, one year ago to the day since the above column was published, Kernan makes a comment in his column that would seem to ignore his statements of a year ago. Kernan writes about how the Mets must be tough and overcome the loss of John Maine, possibly for the remainder of the year, due to bone spurs in his shoulder. In doing so Kernan makes the following statement:

“Last year at this time the Mets were in their dream world, thinking the division belonged to them. They learned the hard way.”

I don’t think I ever heard a Mets player claim ownership of the division at this early date last year. All I heard was Kernan claiming it.

The statement isn’t entirely untrue as the Mets were doing so well at the time that nobody in the baseball world thought they would blow it. But somehow they did and must learn a lesson from it. But it seems as if Kernan is disregarding his own comment when making a statement like that.

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