Manuel, Beltran Fined

Mets manager Jerry Manuel and outfielder Carlos Beltran were both fined for their roles in an altercation with umpire Brian Runge the other night. The amounts of the fines were undisclosed.

The incident began as Beltran questioned a called strike. During the conversation Runge started to clean home plate in what was a not so veiled attempt to confront Beltran. Manuel stepped in to complain that Runge baited Beltran. During this argument Runge bumped Manuel and Manuel was immediately tossed from the game as would be routine had Manuel been the one to do the bumping. You could clearly see Manuel shout at Runge “You bumped me!” right after that. After that Beltran’s argument escalated to the point where he was tossed too and Manuel actually had to come back out onto the field to protect his player from further discipline from the league.

Runge was suspended for his role in the altercation.

Watching the video you can see how bizarre this incident was. The way Runge went to clean the plate was so unnatural. You could tell that it was done just to see if how Beltran would react. This is a clear case of an umpire affecting the game instead of doing his job which is to call the game.

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