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Willie Name All Star Coach

This just in… Willie Randolph has been named a coach for this year’s All Star game. I wonder what happens if he gets fired between now and then. Does he still coach? If yes then whose uniform does he wear?

Real Job

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. My real job has been keeping me really busy. Big project. Aggressive deadline. Argh!

Peterson In Trouble?

Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News wonders aloud if Rick Peterson will be fired first. The wondering begins in the last sentence of the third to last paragraph of the article. (Thanks to Matthew Cerrone at Metsblog for the tip in this post.)

Notes From A Day Off

The Mets have some tough decisions to make today. It looks like Moises Alou is ready to begin his season. The scare with his foot (where they thought he may have a fracture) has passed. But how will the team make room for Alou? Common thinking is that if Brian Schneider is ready to return […]

Time To Panic?

I wrote yesterday that it’s too early to panic. But after yesterday’s horrific loss I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s not too early. Oliver Perez looked horrible and made me question whether I actually want this team to make the playoffs. can you imagine this guy taking the mound when a playoff series is […]