Carter Blames Media

It seems like Gary Carter is taking a lot of heat for campaigning for the Mets managerial job. People are saying that it wasn’t right of him considering that the job is still occupied by Willie Randolph. I say the opposite. If someone is interested in the job then now is the right time to step forward. When (if) Willie is fired I’d expect the replacement to already be picked. That is as long as the Mets are realistically in the race. If you wait for Willie to be fired it will be too late.

What I do blame Carter for is saying something publicly. Carter is blaming the New York media for blowing this out of proportion but that’s what the New York media does. So if you want the job you call the Wilpons and say something like “if the job opens up I’d be interested in discussing it with you”. And blaming the media, by the way, is exactly the wrong thing to do if you want the job. It shows a thinner skin than the manager needs to have.

So while people are raking Carter over the coals they should be sure they are doing it over the right issue.

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