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Carter Blames Media

It seems like Gary Carter is taking a lot of heat for campaigning for the Mets managerial job. People are saying that it wasn’t right of him considering that the job is still occupied by Willie Randolph. I say the opposite. If someone is interested in the job then now is the right time to […]

Willie Not Only One Who Needs To Go

Looks like Willie Randolph survived the weekend and even got lukewarm votes of confidence from GM Omar Minaya and ownership. That should buy him at least a little time. I’m sure he knows that a vote of confidence with the current feelings around Shea are not much more than a momentary thing. He knows it […]

Willie Isn’t Dumb

Willie Randolph sounded less than confident about his status as the team’s manager when speaking to reporters yesterday. He referred to Omar Minaya “sharpening his machete” in Colorado. Willie’s no dummy. He should know from experience that just because someone gives you a vote of confidence doesn’t mean your safe. How many times did Willie […]

Minaya Going To Denver

Omar Minaya is heading to Denver to watch the Mets play the Colorado Rockies. Prelude to a firing?


I posted about a week ago about how my real job was keeping me too busy to post here at MostlyMets. I didn’t have very much free time to post during the day due to a big project I was working on. The thanks I got from the company for pushing the project forward was […]

Mets Today: Leaderless Mets

Over at Mets Today Joe writes about the leaderless Mets. Joe is, of course, talking about the on field leaders. I tend to agree with his point.

Alou DLed Again

In what could hardly be called a shocker Moises Alou was placed on the disabled list. An MRI yesterday showed he has a strained left calf. Catcher Raul Casanova was called up to take Alou’s space on the roster. Ideally the Mets would have called up an outfielder but in another display of their astounding […]

Pedro Not Retiring

It was reported a few days ago that Pedro Martinez was considering retirement after this season to help care for his ailing father. Despite a sigh of relief that some Mets fans may have breathed thinking that they will be free of an aging fragile pitcher, Pedro has been quoted as saying that he would […]

Sherman: What If Torre Was A Met?

In his blog for the New York Post Joel Sherman writes about Joe Torre managing the Mets instead of the Dodger.

Willie Backtracks on Odd Comments

A lot of talk about some comments Willie Randolph made to a reporter on Sunday. The basic gist of the comments was Willie complaining that SNY was trying to make him look bad and that people are being more critical of him due to race. Both of these comments are dumb and Willie tried to […]