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Some of you may have noticed that the ticket banner in the right sidebar has changed. This is because I have changed my ticket affiliation to StubHub. I made the change for several reasons but the top two are that StubHub is a more recognizable, trusted name and the the previous ticket vendor weaseled out of sending me commission money they owed me.

A friend of mine had used my link to purchase several tickets and when I inquired about why I didn’t get the commission they said that they don’t give a commission if the buyer had previously visited their site through my link. Huh? They said this was to combat click fraud. That’s laughable. Of course this does not combat click fraud in any way, shape or form. It just deprives the innocent affiliate (in this case me) of commission money.

So now StubHub will be my ticket vendor. I reworked the sidebar widget to show the next 10 Mets games on the schedule. Click a link and you’ll be brought to the StubHub page for that game. I hope this helps people find the tickets they want. Enjoy and feel free to send me feedback.

(By the way, if any WordPress bloggers are reading this the StubHub widget can be customized. Let me know if you’d like me to help you make one for your blog.)

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