El Duque Starting Slow

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted but interestingly enough not much has happened. Carlos Beltran had a mini war of words through the media with Jimmy Rollins after Beltran said the Mets were the team to beat this year. Oliver Perez handed the Mets organization their first arbitration loss in 16 years. Ambiorix Burgos had $270,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his hotel room. (He got most of it back but I can’t be the only one thinking he’s an idiot.) Freddy Garcia visited Mets cap but general manager Omar Minaya quickly said he is not interested in Garcia and that Garcia was just visiting friends in Mets camp.

The only real development is the curious situation of Orlando Hernandez. It was widely reported that El Duque would have surgery to remove a bunion on his right foot during the off-season. However the bunion is reported still there. What isn’t there is part of a second toe that was dislocated and needed surgery. The toe is now shorter than the others and was causing Hernandez to work on his balance.

I don’t know of it’s because of the toe or some other reason but base don what I’ve read Hernandez seems to be lagging behind the other pitchers. He threw side by side with Pedro Martinez in the bullpen yesterday and someone compared his pitches to wiffle ball pitches. Pedro supposedly asked Hernandez to throw next to him to so he’d look better. I’m sure Pedro was just kidding around but if you’re counting on Hernandez to be in your rotation it’s time to start worrying. It’s not time to panic yet but you need to be concerned.

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