In about a month pitchers and catchers report and we’ll start hearing news that is blog worthy. But for the last couple of months things have been very quiet. So I find it odd that some blogs still find a way to post several times a day. One blog in particular has been posting 52 times a week over the last month which has been the quietest stretch during a pretty quiet off season. How is that possible?

I attribute it to the non-story. The non-story is something that is discussed but has no substance to it. In software development they call it vaporware. Something that is talked about to death but never delivered.

Perhaps the biggest non-story of the off season to date has been the Johan Santana trade. People are posting multiple times a day about the latest offers and rejection and who is in and who is out. Let’s get real, people. There’s no story here. But I’ll give you something to talk about. Statement: Santana will not be traded in the next two or three weeks. He’s either be traded just before spring training, during spring training or not until July or later. Discuss.

The thing that really prompted this post is a story that I read in today’s New York Daily News. In the article Ian Begley writes about a conversation he had with David Wright at halftime of the Knicks game last night. It seems that the focal point was about Roger Clemens. Wright essentially said that if there is actual evidence against Clemmens then he should punished. I think most people would agree that makes perfect sense. But where’s the story? There’s nothing there?

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