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Westhoff Resigns Due To Bone Cancer Procedure

I was saddened to learn that Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff will not be returning to the team. The effects of bone cancer have been hobbling him for years. He was often seen limping with a cane along the sidelines. This year, however, he’s mostly been on crutches as his left leg has been […]

No News

If you thought last week was a dead week for Mets news then don’t even think of looking for any new this week. If last week was dead then I don’t know how to describe this week. Hopefully things will pick up after New Years Day.

Phillies No Longer Looking To Lohse

Word is that Philadelphia has dropped out of the bidding on Kyle Lohse. The sticking point with the Phillies was the Lohse camp, headed by agent Scott Boras, insisting on a fourth years and the Phillies refusing to give more than three. Boras claims to have a bidder at four years which is believed to […]

Mets Get Wise, Sign Matt

Yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that there was no real news to report. Omar Minaya must have read what I wrote and decided to throw me a bone yesterday when he signed right handed reliever Matt Wise to a one year contract yesterday. It’s a small bone but a bone nonetheless.

No News

I noticed that it’s been several days since my last post and didn’t want to be away too long. But the problem is that there really isn’t anything going on. Sure with Oakland having traded Dan Haren to the Diamondbacks the rumors of a Joe Blanton trade have increased. But that’s just rumors. Nothing real […]

Mitchell Report Is Out

The Mitchell report was released a little earlier this afternoon. Several names familiar to Mets fans were included. One of those names is Todd Hundley. While with the Mets in 1996, a break out 41 homer year for the former catcher, Hundley bought steroids from Kirk Radomski on at least 3 occasions. Hundley was a […]

Mets Sign Trio To Minor League Deals

In a day of teams letting go of some of their players the Mets actually added a few new faces. Catchers Raul Casanova & Gustavo Molina and right hander Nate Field were signed to minor league deals and invited to spring training.

Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye

As expected the Mets non tendered Johnny Estrada yesterday. I’m not so sure that was the right move. But this officially makes the move of Guillermo Mota complete. The Mets essentially moved Mota and his salary to Milwaukee for nothing. Other Mets who were non tendered are Juan Padilla and Ben Johnson. The Mets did […]

Mitchell Report Due Tomorrow

Major League baseball officials have received the long awaited Mitchell report. It is set to be released to the public tomorrow. I heard a report this morning that the report will include between 50 and 80 names of current and former players. It is unknown weather the report will result in suspensions for any of […]

Non-Tender Day

Today could be a very bug day in baseball. It’s non-tender deadline day. Today is the last day a team may offer a contract to their arbitration eligible players or allow them to become free agents. The Mets have several players in this category including Oliver Perez, Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano, Duaner Sanchez and the […]