Noble Talks With Wagner

Marty Noble of posted an article about a recent conversation he had with Mets closer Billy Wagner. As usual Wagner had a lot to say about the state of the Mets and he didn’t hold back. Read the article to get the full story but here are some teasers.

On not re-signing Paul Lo Duca:

Maybe he wasn’t the best receiver. I don’t know. But Paulie competed. He battled every day, and we had some guys who didn’t show up every day.

On how manager Willie Randolph uses the bullpen:

“I understand what Willie wants — for a lot of guys to be able to pitch whenever they’re needed for as long as he needs them. I’m not sure you can have that. Guys are used to having roles. They’ll take the ball because that’s what the job is and that’s what the manager wants. But the idea is to get them into situations where they can be successful. I mean, you wouldn’t ask Carlos Delgado to bunt.

On losing Tom Glavine:

We’re down 13 games already, plus all the games Tom deserved to win.

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