ARod and the Mets?

There’s already been a lot of speculation on where Alex Rodriguez will end up now that it is a certainty that he will be on the open market. There are very strong rumors that have him going to the Los Angeles Dodgers along with Joe Torre and Don Mattingly. But here in New York it looks like we’re divided on the prospect of the Mets getting ARod.

I’m not so sure I like the idea of ARod as a Met but it’s hard to argue that he is one of the most prolific hitters in history. And though he has not had any glory in the post season you’d have to think he gives your team a heck of an edge.

My problem is positioning. In his career Wright has played shortstop and third base. Currently the Mets have Jose Reyes and David Wright at those positions. Late season breakdowns aside you have to admit that they’re a pretty good pair. If you sign ARod then you have to move at least one of them. If you put ARod at short then you’re likely to play Reyes at second base. That experiment has been tried (anyone remember Kazuo Matsui at shortstop?) and failed. If you put ARod at third then it means moving Wright. With Carlos Delgado at first base you’d have to put Wright at second base. I can’t say why but I don’t like that idea. I’d almost rather them deal Delgado and put Wright at first but that’s not very likely. (Michael Kay has suggested they’d play Wright at second for 1 year then move him to first the following year after Delgado’s contract expires.) Or you could put Wright in right field but that would seem like a waste. Another option would be to trade either Wright or Reyes and put ARod in the traded player’s position. No matter how you slice it fitting him in will be a mess and would be disruptive to team chemistry as the two players in those positions are team leaders. You could also argue that they could do some drastic improvements to the pitching staff with the money they would need to sign ARod and that may be more important.

I’m still tossed up about signing ARod but I could certainly understand if the Mets take a pass on this one.

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