As The Bonds Turns

Barry Bonds is at it again. The latest episode of “Bonds Behaving Badly” revolves around interviews Bob Costas aired with Curt Schilling and the creator of “The Clear”, chemist Patrick Arnold, for “Costas Now”. In the interviews Arnold says that BALCO founder Victor Conte told him that Bonds was using “The Clear”. Schilling says in his interview that the absence of a denial from Bonds is the same as admitting he’s on the juice. “If someone wrote that stuff about me and I didn’t sue their [butt] off, am I not admitting there’s some legitimacy to it?” In response to the interviews Bonds referred to Costas as “a little midget man who absolutely knows jack [bleep] about baseball”.

Bonds also repeated something that’s been said many times in downplaying the steroids issue in baseball. He denied Arnold’s claim that steroids helps you hit a baseball. I’d have to disagree with that. Though the steroids themselves do not directly affect how you hit a baseball they do give you strength and make you more comfortable at the plate. The comfort would help you concentrate better and the strength would help you drive the ball further. Wouldn’t it? I’d welcome feedback on this from any medical people or athletes with knowledge and/or experience on the issue.

Bonds went on to say some other things that I found odd. In talking about the pitching he’s been getting from the Atlanta pitching staff this week a reporter called the Braves approach a challenge for Bonds. Bonds responded “Challenging me is fastballs, sucker. Don’t throw me a changeup and a split-finger and a slider at my kneecap and tell me you’re challenging me. Tell me what’s coming and I’ll challenge you. I’ll put it in the bleeping water. How’s that?”

That sucks, Barry. I always thought that one of the marks of great hitters is that they can take most any pitch at most any location and do something with it. What’s the difference if it’s a fastball or a change? If it’s in the strike zone shouldn’t you be able to take it deep?

Bonds’ outburst continues to prove one thing. After all these years he still doesn’t get it. The main reason why people liked Mark McGwire when he was chasing Roger Maris was because he was a nice guy. (After his congressional appearance that’s changed.) Barry, people don’t hate you because your black or because you’re chasing Hank Aaron. They hate you because you come off as a jerk.

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