It’s OK to Hate Bonds, Just Hate Him for the Right Reasons

In this morning’s New York Post Mike Vaccaro discusses the hypocrisy about to be experienced at Shea when fans cheer for Guillermo Mota, returning from a 50 game steroids suspension, and boo for Barry Bonds, who has never failed a steroids test.

This is a point that I’ve talked about a lot. As much as we dislike Bonds, whether because of the steroids allegations, his attitude or just that we like to root against the other team, his steroids use has never been proven by a test. Personally I’m rooting for him to fail a drug test as soon as possible so that all the critics can be proven correct. But until then I’ll boo him for his attitude (he comes off as a real jerk).

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that’s because he was taking a drug designed to beat drug tests- “the clear.” barry admitted to using a “cream” that he “didn’t know was a steroid.”

yeh sure…who would believe that?

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