Clemens and the Yankees

The Yankees certainly have a flair for the dramatic. Roger Clemens announced yesterday from the owners box at Yankee Stadium that he will be returning to pitch for the Yankees. You can’t get much more dramatic than that when it comes to a signing. And when the player is as big as Clemens then why not?

Though I didn’t write about it at the time I was very critical of Clemens when he by choice didn’t start playing until June 22. Baseball is a team sport and that was not a very team oriented thing to do. It’s likely to take Clemens several weeks to get into major league condition so we’re looking at a similar timetable this year.

Clemens said yesterday that has come back to the Yankees to win. I believe this to be true. But if his commitment to winning was so strong then why didn’t he commit to it from day one like all the other players?

The answer is that Clemens is simply one of the greatest pitchers ever to play the game. And as such he can more or less do whatever he wants. The Yankees are not likely to let him take off on days when he’s not scheduled to pitch (as the Astros did last year) but when you have a chance to land one of the best ever you do it!

The Yankees are lucky to have him. He’ll be a real shot in the arm for their ailing rotation, will make them a better team and will make games against the Red Sox (& Mets) much more interesting.

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