No Replay for Jets

Everyone is up in arms over the non-review in the last seconds of the Jets game yesterday. Though I agree that the play should have been reviewed (if the rules state that it could not be reviewed then the rules need to be changed) I must say that the fact that the play was even an issue speaks volumes for the bad play coming from the Jets yesterday. It took the defense until the 4th quarter to have any control over the Browns offense and the Jets offense sucked in both passing and running the ball.

Solomon Willcots, color man for CBS on yesterday’s game, was way off base in saying that Chris Baker would have definitely landed out of bounds after catching a pass near the sideline in the endzone. Anybody could have seen how far inbounds Baker was when he caught the ball. Whether or not he would have landed inbounds if not pushed is something that we can debate forever (personally, I thought he may have) but it definitely wasn’t as clear cut as Wilcotts made it seem.

And due to the inept explanations of Willcots and Ion Eagle, the play by play man on the game, I still don’t understand why the play wasn’t reviewable.

As annoyed as I am about all that, the bottom line is that the Jets lost because they sucked. Replay or no replay, they didn’t deserve to win that game.

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