Mets Strike Out Looking

The whole season came down to this. Down by two runs with two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning of game 7 and the bases were loaded. Who came to the plate? None other than the $119 million man: Carlos Beltran.

When the Mets signed Beltran to that huge contract before the 2005 season (there are 4 more years on that contract) it was just for this situation. Mets fans all over the world finally got to see they star center fielder bat in this most pressure packed situation. The situation he was being payed millions of dollars to handle. What did he do??? He striuck out looking!

Now Mets fans all over the world feel ripped off.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many other reasons the Mets lost this series to the Cardinals. They should have one it in 5 or 6 games and never have had to play a game 7.

But for Beltran to strike out looking is inexcusable. At least give me a fly ball to the warning track. Give me an out I can be proud of. (Not that I’m proud of any outs but you understand what I mean.) An out like that is so embarrassing there should be a rule against games ending that way. (Stike out looking on the last at bat of the game and we’ll do the at bat over again.)

The Mets have plenty to be proud of for the 2006 season. To have it end on a called third strike is a shame.

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