Lo Duca is a Gambling Man

In the shadow of the revelation of divorce proceedings initiated by his wife Paul Lo Duca is also facing allegations that he has a gambling problem. Mets GM Omar Minaya said yesterday that he will investigate allegations that Lo Duca has racked up a massive gambling debt. Lo Duca has said that he doesn’t have a gambling problem saying “I do bet on horses legally. I have an online account, bet legally. I have no gambling debts, no past debts that were paid. Nothing. All of those allegations are false.” I hate to break it to you, Paul, but just because your account is legal and you have no debt doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem.

In the meantime, the New York Post details Lo Ducas trist with a teenager.

I’m still waiting for something else to happen. The issues that have popped up over the last couple of days (the divorce and gambling issues) would have come out eventually anyway. They may have come up now because of his vow of silence and not have come out otherwise. I can’t help shake the feeling that something else is about to come out about him.

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