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Mets & Rockies To Make Another Trade?

According to a report by Ken Rosenthal at the Mets are in discussions with the Colorado Rockies to acquire backup catcher Danny Ardoin and infielder Luis Gonzalez. I guess the thought process on Ardoin is that with Ramon Castro on the shelf and Mike DiFelice being mostly useless what has Omar Minaya have to […]

Mostly Good News For Mets Yesterday

It was a big day for the Mets yesterday. First they learned Tom Glavine will not need surgery. Then they pulled off a comeback win. Then they finally acquired Shawn Green.

No Surgery for Glavine

According to several reports Tom Glavine will not need surgery. That’s good news. But we’ll need to see how he handles his condition going forward. It’s going to be an interesting situation to watch develope.

Injury Bug

The last couple of weeks I’ve been spending alot of time working on another one of my blogs and have missed some opportunities to discuss some things here. Indeed, alot has happened in Mets world the last couple of weeks and as all jaded long time Mets fans it leads me to think if this […]

Pythagorean Baseball Revisited

With each Major League team having played over 100 games thus far this season I felt like now would be a good time to revisit the discussion on Pythagorean Method that I started in June. Back then the teams had played over 60 games. With about 40 more games upnder their belts let’s see if […]

Willie Blows Call On Injured Player Again

Cliff Floyd took himself out of last Saturday’s game due to his sore left Achilles and did not play again until a pinch hitting appearance on Tuesday. Before Tuesday’s game manager Willie Randolph had been asked if Floyd was available to play and he said yes explaining that the injury was not of DL severity. […]

Lo Duca is a Gambling Man

In the shadow of the revelation of divorce proceedings initiated by his wife Paul Lo Duca is also facing allegations that he has a gambling problem.

Ledee Comes Back to New York

The Mets picked up outfielder Ricky Ledee off waivers from the Dodgers yesterday. Ledee, who came up with the Yankees, will add some depth in the outfield and a lefty bat from the bench. This is an excellent move. With Xavier Nady gone to the Pirates and Cliff Floyd‘s sore left Achilles the Mets have […]

Lo Duca Divorcing

The other day Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca announced that he would not speak to the media for the rest of the season. This came as some surprise as Lo Duca had been very forthcoming with the media since coming to the Mets this past winter. When asked why he made this decision Lo Duca […]

Floyd Retiring?

According to an article by Don Burke in the Star Ledger Mets left fielder Cliff Floyd could be considering retirement after this season. The sore left Achilles’ tendon that caused him to leave Saturday’s game in the first inning is inflamed and has some fluid in it. The Achilles’ has apparently been bothering him all […]