Talk, Talk, Talk

With the non-waiver trade deadline looming there’s alot of talk going on about possible trades in baseball. The loudest talk about deals involving the Mets have centered on Dontrelle Willis and Barry Zito. I agree with the idea from which those rumors got their legs.

The idea is that rather than get a starter for the end of the rotation who could possibly help stabilize it the Mets should set their sites higher and get a pitcher capable of performing at the top of the rotation to either pitch between Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine or replace either of them if they are too exhausted or injured. Martinez’s toe and hip problems this season are a testament to the legitimacy of this idea. Another philosophy on such a trade is that the Mets are so close to being championship caliber this year that it would pay to sacrifice the future in order to pull it off now.

The problem with these rumours is that you can’t trade for players whose teams say they are not available. I don’t expect to see either Zito or Willis traded before the deadline. So let’s cute the Zito/Willis talk for now and focus on doable deals.

Of course, I could be wrong….

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