Mets Lousy With Runners On Base

What’s wrong with the Mets offense? They’re not having much trouble getting on base as their .271 AVG., .337 OBP and .458 SLG with none on (ranked 8th, 9th and 6th respectively). Though these numbers aren’t great they are in the top third of the league which should be goog enough to get things going. The problem is once you get into situational hitting. Things get worse in a hurry.

Runners on base
.263/.339/.430 (19/20/17)

Runners in scroing position
.240/.325/.398 RISP (22/22/20)

Runners bases loaded
.241/.314/.276 bases loaded (25/19/27)

Runners in scoring position, 2 outs
.235/.337/.382 RISP, 2 out (16/16/13)

Although they get slightly better with tunners in scoring position and 2 outs you can see a downward trend as situations get more crucial. These are not the traits of championship teams. They’ve managed to maintain the second best record in the NL (4th best in MLB) despite these mediocre at best numbers. Let’s hope they turn things around before before the very hot Philadelphia Phillies catch up on them.


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