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Yankee Fans: Wagner Used Mo’s Song

The pseudo controversy surrounding the music played when Billy Wagner enters games took an interesting turn yesterday. For those who didn’t know, Wagner came into the game with Metallica’s Enter Sandman playing over the Shea PA system. Yankee fans immediately took exception, berating Wagner for using the same song their beloved Mariano Rivera uses when […]

Wagner and Floyd at Toys “R” Us

Billy Wagner and Cliff Floyd will be making appearances at Toys “R” Us this weekend. Wagner will be at the Times Square store (1514 Broadway (at 44th Street)) while Floyd will be at the Paramus, NJ store (Route 4) this Saturday (April 8 ) from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM. But the apperances are not […]

More On Opening Day

I mentioned Cliff Floyd‘s outfield assist in throwing Alfonso Soriano out at the plate yesterday without having seen the play or hearing the audio. (My only knowledge of the play was from Yahoo’s GameChannel which I was using to ‘watch’ the game from work.) What I didn’t know and wouldn’t learn until I watched the […]

Caple on Bonds

ESPN’s Jim Caple has written a nice article about the controversy surrounding Barry Bonds. It only asks question and dosn’t give any answers. Or does he?

One Down, 161 To Go

The Mets won 3-2 at Shea today to start the season off with a victory.

Pirates GM Littlefield Gets Extension

I’ve got to get into the baeball business. It’s been reported that Pittsburgh Pirates GM Dave Littlefield has gotten a contract extension. This despite not having a winning season since his hiring in July 2001. Ownership cited a resurgance in the minor league system as a main factor in the extension. But I think 4 […]

Let’s Get It On

The time for talk is over. Today the speculation ends.