Steroids Sham, er Investigation

Yesterday’s press conference in which baseball ‘commissioner’ Bud Selig introduced George Mitchell as the ‘independant’ investigator who will investigate the steroids issue has been well documented elsewhere so I won’t go into too much about it here. Suffice to say that baseball has brought in a part owner of the Red Sox and board member of ESPN parent company Disney to investigate this issue.

The conflict of interest in having a person with such distinctions head up such an investigation are evident. But I’d like to think a man like Mitchell can temper this conflict and do a good investigation. As Ken Duberstein, Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff, said of Mitchell:

He’s above reproach. He’s a man who has earned his integrity. He has absolute credibility. The last thing I would worry about is a perceived conflict of interest, let alone an actual one. This guy has credibility stamped on his forehead.

I don’t doubt his credibility but I still think he is the wrong man for this job. Baseball needs a clean job done here. I believe Mitchell will give them a clean job but no matter how clean it is it will always be doubted by critics because of Mitchell’s positions with the Red Sox and Disney. The choice of Mitchell is just another shovel full of dirt in the grave Selig is digging for baseball.

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