Anna Divorces Kris

According to many reports Anna Benson has filed for divorce from husband and former Mets pitcher Kris Benson claiming their marriage has been “irretrievably broken”. I’m not exactly sure what “irretrievably broken” means but some of the reports are claiming that Kris cheated on Anna. I have a different theory. The timing of the filing seems just long enough after the trade to make it seem not related to her husband being traded out of New York. We all know how important being in New York was to Anna all along. I’m thinking that Anna was going to divorce Kris back in Pittsburgh but when the Mets trade happened she figured she’d be happier in New York in general and that would spill over to her marriage. Then the trade happened and that plan came crashing down on her. So she waited just long enough to show that her desire to be in New York was not the motivating factor and then filed for the divorce.

The other things that bothers me about this is just how much time I’ve spent and how many posts I’ve written about Anna and her antics. Though I’m not an Anna fan I usually don’t like to discuss side issues like this yet I’ve written several posts about it over the last years or so. I hope this will be the last.

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