Shut Up Already

Kris Benson‘s wife Anna just doesn’t know when to stop. She was quoted last week as follows:

Did Kris get the short end of the stick with the Mets? I think that he signed with the Mets in his free-agent year, and that’s where he wanted to stay and then they traded him. But who knows? He’s got an opportunity now to work with the No. 1 pitching coach in baseball. So did he get the short end of the stick? Not really.

If it meant so much for Kris to stay in New York then he should have negotiated a no trade clause. without a no trade clause anybody can be traded to anywhere for any reason. Your husband knows that’s part of the business and has let it go. Maybe it’s time you should let it go too.

And if you don’t think he got the shport end of the stick then why are you continuing to complain about it? Just shut up already.

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