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Mets 40-Man Roster and Spring Training Invitees

For anyone who wants cheat sheet on the current Mets 40-man roster as well as non-roster spring training invitees go to this link for MSG Network’s handy listing.

MLB Infringed A Trademark When Naming Nationals?

According to an article in today’s New York Times Major League Baseball may have infringed someone else’s trademark when they chose a name for the former Montreal Expos upon moving them to Washington.

Mets Profiles from the Weekend

I was just catching up on some weekend reading I didn’t get to complete and thought I’d pass on the links to those who are interested.

Notes from the First Day of Camp

Not much to report beyond the normal first day of spring training happenings. It was the usual getting to meet the new guys and catching up with the old guys routine that happens the first day of spring training every year. Pedro Martinez finally learned that

New Stadium Proposal Coming

According to a report in today’s Daily News Mets owner Fred Wilpon is ready to make another official proposal for a new stadium. This is an updated version of the Ebbets Field replica idea

Sosa May Be Retiring

At age 37 it appears that Sammy Sosa is realizing that he’s at the end of the road.

Pedro’s New Shoe

Pitchers and catchers officially report today but yesterday Pedro Martinez‘s specially designed Nike finally reported.

Roger McDowell Profiled in USA Today

Mel Antonen has a good column in USA Today about former Met relief pitcher

Goodbye Anna, Hello Melissa

With the signing of Jose Lima to a minor league contract yesterday the Mets brought in an excellent replacement for those who feel that something is missing since Anna Benson and her husband, Kris Benson, were traded to Baltimore.

Shoeless Pedro

Today’s news out of St. Lucie involves a shoe. Or rather the lack of a shoe.